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The world of entertainment has changed this also includes the world of sports.

For example in Europe and the Americas, club boards have already realized that the online digital broadcasting market for the Live model is coming fast, although it is still shy steps here.

However, around the world this is already being adopted, mainly in Europe.

European football lives a new moment: the era of game streaming. It is already quite common to find websites and other services to watch European football games online, mainly English (premiere league)

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The future of football

Football is much more than just a game or sport, after all it is already seen as part of the culture. The custom of bringing the family together to watch a favorite team game, for example, is a common habit.

But going beyond the cultural issue, we see that football as a source of income, at the market level is a source of billionaire profit.

To give you an idea of ​​what we’re dealing with, a year of Barcelona’s La Liga games produces, on average, about $ 1.09 billion!

Football is a product of the entertainment market, yes. For a long time it has been one of the sectors in this market that has given the most profits and, even though it is a very profitable segment, society is changing and, with that, consumption habits too.

It would not be surprising, therefore, that football changed to adapt to this new spectator profile that has emerged during the development of societies.

However, changes in the game itself have not yet emerged, although it is very likely that they will happen.

I say this, because nowadays, it is difficult to imagine that it is possible for a man to spend more than 2 hours sitting on the couch, or another environment, to watch a football game.

This is because most simply do not follow through, just pieces of the game, or pause during the game.

But the media to watch online has already managed to find a way to maintain the sport’s profitability. Check it out below!


Sports, entertainment and streaming


Okay, nowadays it is really difficult to imagine someone watching a football game, in full and until the end. But, even so, this is not as worrying as a second factor, this really determinant for the survival of sport in the entertainment market: the pandemic of COVID-19.

The emergence of the new pathogen, as everyone knows, forced us to take measures of safety and social distance in favor of our health and the safety of others. In other words, nothing to go to watch the game at the stadium or follow the game at the corner bar.

For a while, this was extremely problematic for clubs and others involved in the process, but digital again arrived to mitigate this situation. We’re talking about streaming.


Live stream and European football


As an entertainment product, football needs to compete. But this time the competition is not between the teams, but with other sources of entertainment that grow in a scary way every day: online games, the birthplace of streaming.

Let’s take as a basic example the affectionately nicknamed Lol. A few years ago the game appeared and gained fans, but the media was not very interested in promoting it, since it was a very small market with a very different audience.

But the public grew and as the TV networks did not pay attention to this golden opportunity, the players themselves managed to transmit the matches in an accessible way to all fans of the game: the online broadcasts.

And so streaming was born. Today, various platforms have varied space for this public more accustomed to the virtual and, therefore, had exponential profits during the pandemic, such as Twitch, for example.

In Europe, several clubs have already taken care of this and started to invest in live stream, because it was the way to get to catch those European football teams that could not leave home to follow games and were leaving the television media to the online media.

Where to watch San Jose Earthquake VS Real Salt Lake football by live stream?


European football has become the world reference in sport and, as I said earlier, it was the first market to invest in platforms that would give the spectator the opportunity to watch online football games online.

Many teams have everything from a channel on YouTube, to apps and partnerships with streaming and fan sites, live streaming on facebook, Premium subscriptions on sports sites and so on.

But for those who are not used to the virtual environment, it can be a little tricky to be able to watch the games online, since the internet is immense.

Here’s where and how to watch European football championships online.


Watch San Jose Earthquake VS Real Salt Lake football onlne with Premiere


Let’s start with the services on TV that are migrating to the online environment. The first on the list is the PFC, or Premiere Futebol Clube, an initiative of the producer Globosat, currently the largest pay-TV programmer in the country.

The channel is international and shows around 600 games live every year, in addition the European championships are not the only ones broadcast, the Brazilian championship games also have a (very large) space in the programming.

The fact is that his fame is already consolidated in cable TV and is now opening his horizons also for online streaming, although the initiatives are coming slowly.

Live stream: Barça Tv and Barça studios

This time we will cite an example that may attract more attention in the future and maybe become a big name in sports streaming: barça Tv and barça studios.

This is an initiative of Barcelona, ​​which recently announced the desire to create its own streaming service. The idea would be to do, more or less, what Disney did with its products, that is, to centralize transmissions to just one platform, that of Barcelona.

The club decided to invest in this strategy after realizing that its digital products, such as subscriptions for fans and access to exclusive content, jumped to very high numbers in this pandemic, reaching a profit of 100 million euros.

In addition, it is a way to guarantee the quality of the content produced for fans, for this reason, the club created the barça studios, a space, à la Hollywood, with all the equipment and apparatus for producing audiovisual content about the club.

This is not to mention the fact that the partnership with Facebook was a milestone and the status of the icon club of world sports marketing.


Madridista Nation: the live stream service from Real Madrid Tv

Following this wave of live stream, Real Madrid has also launched its own streaming service, Real Madrid Tv. The club is the second that invests the most in this type of game transmission.

Watching Real Madrid games online is now possible through streaming on the club’s Facebook channel.

The Fan description subscription mode costs US $ 2.77 and offers several benefits to the fans of the team, such as access to exclusive content, private groups on the social network, club shield in the profile picture, promotions with awards, in addition to live stream and more.

Real Madrid currently has about 110 million followers on Facebook, that is, it is an expressive income that leads the club to invest heavily in digital strategies. Currently, the club has been following the Barcelona line, that is, with a complete studio and prepared for the production of audiovisual content to be made available as exclusive material for premium subscribers.

This premium content, however, is not just restricted to training takes. Much of the material is also dedicated to historical games, backstage seasons and other formats and content.


Futebol online com o Liverpool Youtube


Liverpool’s strategy is similar to the two mentioned above, but differs slightly because of the platform.

The choice of the club was Youtube, because it is undeniably the largest video streaming platform in the world, therefore, nothing better than it for streaming online games.

To watch the club’s games on Youtube, you as a fan of the team must pay the exclusive subscription on the platform worth £ 0.99 per month.

But, as expected, the premium subscription not only gives access to the games’ live streams, but also allows viewing exclusive content, among other benefits such as graphic quality and interactions such as exclusive promotions for subscribers, for example.


Other sites to watch San Jose Earthquake vs Real Salt Lake football online


Several other clubs are starting or have started their digital live stream actions. Like Manchester City and its streaming platform on Apple Tv, Amazon, among other media, and Juventus with its official online football channel on the OTT platform.

But the great truth is that these initiatives are a little behind, as there are countless ways to watch European football online.

There are several live stream platforms available! In addition to online transmission sites of football matches with matches from European teams that are often free for users and visitors.

Check out the best and most popular sites and platforms for online transmission of European games below.


The site is very famous abroad and is now also coming up with everything for European football lovers in Brazil. This is because it is one of the sites that broadcast several European championships, ranging from regional to national ones.

With free streaming, Betfair here, in addition to being a great platform to watch football online, is a source of extra income. This is because the visitor can also place bets.

Bids can be made even during matches, so in addition to watching you still have fun and earn extra income at the same time!

In addition, the bonuses for new users are excellent. The welcome gift can reach up to R $ 120 in bonuses to be spent on bets on the site. In addition, when answering questions, you get up to R $ 4,000 in betting bonuses, and up to R $ 300 to spend at the casino.

To watch European football games online at Betfair you just need to have an account and be logged in to it. You don’t need to have credit or have placed a bet.

to register with betfair and watch San Jose Earthquake VS Real Salt Lake click here



One of the first sports betting sites in Brazil is also one of the best to watch European football online. One of the main advantages is being able to watch the games live, totally free.

To watch for Sportingbet just create an account and be logged in at the time of the game. In other words, there is no need to have open bets to follow the game.

Just click “watch”, then choose the game and finally click on play. This way, you can join your favorite team, online, and at no cost.



One of the most famous European live stream sites, as well as the previous options, is a sports betting site.

It is also considered by users to be the best on this list of sites to watch football matches online. That’s because Bet365’s live stream service is the most complete when it comes to game variety.

 watch San Jose Earthquake VS Real Salt Lake through the bet365 live stream click here

Live coverage is almost 90% of all European football league matches. However, unlike other platforms, to have access to the live stream service, you must have a balance in the website account.


Football will change. If not its structure, certainly the form of transmission and consumption of the sport, yes.

As we have seen, there are many sites that already have the streaming service so that fans can follow European football matches online.

In addition, several clubs are already eyeing these changes in the profile of the spectators. Teams are adapting to this, offering premium subscriptions to live stream services for entire championships and European football matches.

But, for those who want to watch football online, a good option are the sports betting sites, the most famous today. In addition to the options given above, there are several others, such as Rivalo, 1x Bet and Betano.

Choose the platform you like best and start watching European football championships from the comfort of your home right now!

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